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Welcome to NoEscape clan located on Lineage2 Paradise - The Exodus.
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 About NoEscape

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PostSubject: About NoEscape   Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:44 pm

Hello everyone.We are currently recruiting all classes (elders are mostly welcomed) for our clan NoEscape.

Who are we?

We are good irl friends from Bulgaria.We have loads of time for l2 Razz .
.All of us are experienced l2 players and have been playing this game for 3 years.We were known as the clan Obsession on dune 5x server.We are all English speakers and this will be the only language we'll use.

Our goals:

-have fun (main goal)
-capture a castle
-pwn some of the epic bosses
-pvp score Razz

What we are looking for in a member:


-you must be able to follow orders and perform the tasks you are given at the best of your ability
-you must be dedicated to teamwork and be ambitious for yourself and the clan
-you must be in our period of playing, around GMT-2/3 to GMT+4/5 (there can be exceptions)
-you must put clan wars above grinding and help your fellow clan members when they are in need
-you must respect your enemies and be polite with them, no insulting
-you must not pk other players or provoke them for pvp, you can pvp only when we tell you to or in selfdefense


-we're looking for people that are mature, social and kind, that show respect and understanding for our community
-you are a polite and friendly person
-you understand what is best for the clan and not always for yourself, support clanmates and clan
-you shouldn't beg for gear/help, it is enough if you just ask once or twice
-you must be able to talk English

What we can offer:

-friendly and helpful community
-we are pvp oriented so there will be lots of clan wars and sieges
-raiding is a must in order to get easy gear so we won't miss pwning rb's, epic bosses shall be slain as well, without mercy Razz
-we do not tolerate solo grinding so parties will be made each day
-if you prove yourself as a loyal member we will give you gear and financial support
-free crafting services

So that's all.If you didn't fall asleep reading it and you are interested in joining us, you can make a new topic with some info about you (country, class, L2 experience, etc...) .Or you can just pm me (Siedun) ingame.Every clan member must have a registration here.Please make your username in the forum the same as your character's name.You'll get access to the rest of the forum when you become a member of NoEscape clan Smile .
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About NoEscape
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